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Reed diffusers are another natural way to permeate the scent of essential oils into the air and enhance the ambience of a room. Orchid Aromatics hand make the reed diffusers with 100% natural oils. No nasty additives are used in our products. 

Simple effective and stylish, the reed diffusers look perfectly positioned in homes, offices, work places, gyms, yoga studios or anywhere where a pleasant fragrance is welcomed. Reed diffusers are low maintenance and practical, fuss free with no flame or smoke to consider. The aroma from the essential oils are diffused through the reeds to gently release the natural fragrance to improve your wellbeing. 

Directions for use:

  • Unscrew the cap. 
  • Insert the reeds into the diffuser.
  • Allow the reeds time to soak up the oils in the diffuser (approximately 2 hours).
  • Flip the reeds over and reinsert the other end of the reeds into the diffuser. Take care not to spill oil during this process. 
  • Swirl the oils in the diffuser bottle to gently to release the scent. Repeat as necessary. 
  • Replace the reeds after 4 weeks. Once the reeds are completely saturated the fragrance will no longer be released. 



What Our Customers Say

Just love these candles. They smell beautiful and they are good for me unlike many other candles that we burn in our homes. My favourite so far is the Ginger & Lemon Grass it's so fresh. Thank you Liz.


I bought a couple of candles from Liz for my wife as she loves candles!
I was surprised to hear that the normal candles we buy contain many things that could be bad for your home environment. The orchid candles smell lovely and I will certainly be purchasing again.